Focusing On My Images

Photography is one of my creative outlets. Like all art, its value and quality is determined by each individual viewer. I hope you like something you see here and if you do, please follow me on Instagram. If you see an image you just have to have to fill that empty wall in your bathroom, email me.

This animated gif was created using my original images and viewfinder graphic.

This animated gif was created using my original images and viewfinder graphic.

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Texas Heat

This series of twelve photos came about after my friend, Nancy, contacted me and said, "I saw this old, blue truck I want to shoot with." I knew immediately what truck she was talking about, as I had spied it myself. As a bonus there was a second, older truck there which lent itself well to our theme. I adjusted the color and exposure of those photos to give them the feel of a stifling, dusty Texas evening. 
~Model: Nancy Langenfeld

Waiting for the Hay Wagon

I bring the camera, Nancy brings the "look." She is a natural in front of the camera, capable of striking the perfect pose while I struggle to direct.
~Model: Nancy Langenfeld

Derby Girls

I had the pleasure of photographing these derby girls in a tumble-down warehouse setting.

The Girl in the Malt Shop

An experienced model, a few carefully chosen props, watch the background for non-period artifacts, and the 50s come back to life.
~Model: Ashley Simpson

Triumph Bonneville Reflections

On the day these photos were taken an all-day rain had been driven away by a persistent sun, but the sun had yet to vanquish the puddles. It would have been easy to stay home and keep the couch company but I forced myself out of the house with my camera and my Bonneville to see what I might be able to capture. As is typically the case, the creative process got my juices flowing and I ran out of light before I ran out of ideas.