My Babe - A Music Video

One cold, dark night my couch owned my butt, that was clear, yet a creative energy needed to be released. I reached for my iPhone and started surfing photo apps. "Splice" looked interesting so I bought it and then began to play with it. I've always learned best by "doing" rather than "reading" so I decided I might as well try to create something while I learned Splice.

I looked through the photos on my iPone and realized I had enough of my friend Naavah Nachelle to put together a themed music video. With the image theme in mind, I browsed the music I had on my phone and the title "My Babe" jumped out at me. Bingo! Now I just needed to edit the elements together before my battery died.

Here are the results of that learning exercise.

All photos were taken by me.
The model is Naavah Nachelle.