Caption Contest - September 2014

Here are the results of the first "The Life Of Danger" captioning contest. Congratulations to my Facebook (and real life) friend Waldo Walcarpeting for submitting the winning caption.

Other entries included:

  • "I've reached that point where tolerance stops becoming a virtue." ~Waldo Walcarpeting
  • "You may think I like my job, but I could burn this place down. ~Jennifer Q.
  • "No, I'm not a physician, but I'd like to see it anyway." ~Waldo Walcarpeting
  • "I'm not always this stunningly handsome, sometimes it gets even better." ~Kevin F.
  • "Whenever someone hates me for no apparent reason, I quickly give them a reason." ~Waldo Walcarpeting
  • "Gee whiz, Mrs. Cleaver, that Beaver is something special! Just like Mr. Cleaver says." ~Doug R.
  • "To save time, lets just assume I'm always right." ~Waldo Walcarpeting