Now Self-Serving Kerry "Danger" Fores

"Oh man, brilliant post. I snorted, lol'd rather deeply for a woman and got the 3 yapping ankle biters all riled up. Great job!" ~Nichole Starr

Q: Did you make any of these questions up just so you could tell us more about yourself?
A: I have no direct knowledge that that occurred but I will look in to those allegations and take swift action, if necessary, to maintain my approval rating. You folks deserve no less.

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The Linen-Covered Table at a Rest Area

Having lost a father in WWII without ever knowing him, it brought me a little closer to what must have been his own emotional nightmares. ~Marthe

"Beautifully told, I have tears yet again." ~Nichole Starr

A tent sheltered a round table draped in white linen. There was a single rose as a centerpiece. It was carefully prepared with five place settings for distinguished guests the organizer knew would not show. Had the President of the United States shown up, no place setting would have been added to accommodate even him.

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Harvey Reeds and the Pink Elephant

The interstate highways have given us speed and efficiency, but taken away any connection to the towns we bypass and the people we never meet. Motorcycling has given back to me what “progress” has taken away. My life has been enriched by a chance encounter with an old man who was going for coffee at his favorite small-town diner.

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