Music is Memories

"There is a universal language to be sure, math and one of its sublime Your story hits on both. Bravo." ~James Hamman DDS

"Sweet memory. I have some of the same. Beautifully written, as always." ~Martha

As with the smallpox virus, I believed the last remaining copy of “Islands In The Stream” had been sequestered. I believed debates were ongoing for its incineration, so nothing would remain of it but horrific stories of personal suffering, and painful memories of tragic dates. I believed wrong.

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Free Pie

I passed a gas station advertising a free gallon of milk with a $7.99 pie purchase. Oh I felt it immediately; the quickening of my heart, sweaty palms, a shortness of breath at the thrill of the chase. Oh yes chase, because surely everyone driving by sees this amazing deal and there is a line for gas station pie. I must get in that line before the pie is gone.

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Now Self-Serving Kerry "Danger" Fores

"Oh man, brilliant post. I snorted, lol'd rather deeply for a woman and got the 3 yapping ankle biters all riled up. Great job!" ~Nichole Starr

Q: Did you make any of these questions up just so you could tell us more about yourself?
A: I have no direct knowledge that that occurred but I will look in to those allegations and take swift action, if necessary, to maintain my approval rating. You folks deserve no less.

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