Among the Clouds

Among the clouds I slip from time and place
And become a gallant fighter ace

As below my mount the landscape slides
I scan the sky with squinted eyes

On polished wings with rivet seams
I search the sky for foes unseen

Aft of right my wingman flies
His ship is seen but through my eyes


"Tallyho!" my wingman's call
The guns switch on, the drop tanks fall

Diving down out of the sun
My aircraft shudders from barking gun

My prey and I, we dance and play
Which of us will survive the fray?

Climbing, turning, oblong loops
Twisting torso, I shake them loose

Then my chance! My path they cross!
Their squadron mates will mourn their loss

Untouched by fear or enemy fire
I flame my foe; a quenched desire


The sky is clear, the sortie is done
The tally: three. Two for me, my wingman one

Skimming tree tops, a hero's show
Arriving home, a Victory Roll

The engine stutters, the tires squeal,
The setting sun, all that is real

On tarmac bathed in humid red
My silver mount and goggles shed

I stand beneath the sky just flown
Beside the plane that brought me home

Today I lived! I flew inside
My hand-built plane, my love, my pride


What grand adventures I enjoy!
A fighter jock. An Ace. A boy.

Though in my mind a "mission" flew
The aircraft's real, the flying, too


I have always longed to fly
But birds were given gift of wing

So I built wings by my own hand
And how they lift me from the land!

They lift not just body, these wings of mine
But mind and soul, leaving cares behind.