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Here I share my stories. They are listed by posting date, but few are date-related. Some may be tired, but none are old. I hope you find something you like, as these readers did...

"...written so beautifully, like a quiet and personal evening at Meditation Garden.... I so want my friends to read this."
~Alicia Nowak
Commenting on "Dear Elvis"
"Damn Kerry, you can WRITE."
~Luke Ayd
"You could replace Peter Egan at Road and Track [magazine]."
~Joseph Alexander
"Each time I read your work, you grab me by the collar and take me along, I'm RIGHT there with you. I truly hope one day you write a book."
~Don Johnson

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Music is Memories

"There is a universal language to be sure, math and one of its sublime dialects...music. Your story hits on both. Bravo." ~James Hamman DDS

"Sweet memory. I have some of the same. Beautifully written, as always." ~Martha

As with the smallpox virus, I believed the last remaining copy of “Islands In The Stream” had been sequestered. I believed debates were ongoing for its incineration, so nothing would remain of it but horrific stories of personal suffering, and painful memories of tragic dates. I believed wrong.

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Kerry and Hobbes

Thinking of Hobbes, an inanimate object, as a companion is silly…or is it? Was Hobbes, the tiger in Calvin and Hobbes for whom "my" Hobbes is named, real? To everyone but Calvin he was a stuffed animal. But Calvin saw him differently. Calvin had a relationship him. He was a friend, a muse, a partner in crime. He was integral to Calvin's life.

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Dear Elvis

"...written so beautifully, like a quiet and personal evening at Meditation Garden.... I so want my friends to read this." ~Alicia Nowak

Maybe your purpose was to shred our transistor radio speakers, sneer on our black and white TV screens with over-saturated movements, change everything, inspire everyone, and then beat a hasty exit the same way you dashed off stage after each performance on The Ed Sullivan Show.

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How To Thank A Veteran

Minutes passed. I don't know how many. Many. Our small bags grew heavy. Our grip on them grew weak. Our knees trembled from equal parts fear, cold and fatigue. Our shoulders sagged. What was this game? How long would it go on? What am I doing here? Can I just proclaim this a terrible mistake – a stupid decision – and go home?

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Free Pie

I passed a gas station advertising a free gallon of milk with a $7.99 pie purchase. Oh I felt it immediately; the quickening of my heart, sweaty palms, a shortness of breath at the thrill of the chase. Oh yes chase, because surely everyone driving by sees this amazing deal and there is a line for gas station pie. I must get in that line before the pie is gone.

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Now Self-Serving Kerry "Danger" Fores

"Oh man, brilliant post. I snorted, lol'd rather deeply for a woman and got the 3 yapping ankle biters all riled up. Great job!" ~Nichole Starr

Q: Did you make any of these questions up just so you could tell us more about yourself?
A: I have no direct knowledge that that occurred but I will look in to those allegations and take swift action, if necessary, to maintain my approval rating. You folks deserve no less.

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The Linen-Covered Table at a Rest Area

Having lost a father in WWII without ever knowing him, it brought me a little closer to what must have been his own emotional nightmares. ~Marthe

"Beautifully told, I have tears yet again." ~Nichole Starr

A tent sheltered a round table draped in white linen. There was a single rose as a centerpiece. It was carefully prepared with five place settings for distinguished guests the organizer knew would not show. Had the President of the United States shown up, no place setting would have been added to accommodate even him.

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If You Think This is About A Car...

My last child left home and, like her three sisters before her, she will never return to live with me though I may see her from time to time. The move came suddenly, unexpectedly, as her 18th year in my house approached. One day I was making plans to buy her a new Pimento-colored dress, and just a few days later I was helping her pack her possessions into boxes for the move.

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Harvey Reeds and the Pink Elephant

The interstate highways have given us speed and efficiency, but taken away any connection to the towns we bypass and the people we never meet. Motorcycling has given back to me what “progress” has taken away. My life has been enriched by a chance encounter with an old man who was going for coffee at his favorite small-town diner.

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