About... This Site

~The New York Times

"…odd…" hailed the  New York Times about...something. Certainly not this website, I'm sure they've never read it.

My words and images are like my life; sometimes thoughtful, sometimes funny, sometimes inappropriate for children, always original, and not always what they seem. I've written motorcycle stories about home maintenance, car stories about flying, travel stories about divorce, and open letters to Elvis. I may make you think, make you snort, make you pause – I make women cry – and I will make you wish I'd paid more attention in Ms. Rogge's grammar class.

              My mugshot from 1984. When you're older I will tell you about it.

              My mugshot from 1984. When you're older I will tell you about it.

The only theme to my content is it all sprouted in my fertile mind. ("Fertile," I'm convinced, is the word people are searching for when they say I am full of crap.)  As my volume of stories and photos grew, like tomatoes in late summer, I had to share them. Also like tomatoes in late summer, it can be hard to give this stuff away.

These newspaper headlines decorate my office door...

"Boss Sings Kerry's Praises"
~Oshkosh Northwestern
"Kerry In Self-inflicted Quagmire"
~Kathleen Parker, Orlando Sentinel

As with the New York Times quote, neither were written about this website. But this next quote may have been...

"The downside—if one can call it that—is that they’ll only be able to make use of the glorious thing on the track."
~Car and Driver Magazine

A slow day at work or a long line at Starbucks may have brought you here, regardless, thank you for visiting. As I opened this monologue with a quote, I will close it with a quote, one which does apply...

"You are writing primarily to please yourself, and if you go about it with enjoyment you will also entertain the readers who are worth writing for. If you lose the dullards back in the dust, you don't want them anyway."
~William Zinseer, "On Writing Well"

Don't be a dullard,